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Why Gluten-free?



  Koramangala, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Although scientists are unsure as to why this occurs, gluten intolerance is a condition which causes the person to be overly sensitive towards wheat and its products. If someone is intolerant towards gluten, they experience bloating and belly pain after consuming wheat or related products like bread and pasta.

Wheat has unique baking qualities like water absorption and elasticity. These properties are given by a protein called gluten. Apart from wheat, barley and rye also contain this protein.

Symptoms and treatment of gluten intolerance

The symptoms appear after consumption of wheat or any of its products. The person begins to feel uneasy and experiences bloating belly pain and diarrhoea. Until the doctor is able to diagnose that it is gluten intolerance, don’t stop intake of the product.

Once it is confirmed, you need to be on a 100% gluten-free diet as the slightest traces of the protein can trigger a reaction. It is important to get medical advice as soon as possible to rule out wheat allergy as that allergy can quickly progress and become life-threatening.

Wheat allergy?

No, being gluten intolerant is not the same as having a wheat allergy although the symptoms might be similar. Gluten intolerance is not dangerous but wheat allergy can be life-threatening if not attended to at the right time. Wheat allergy can even cause respiratory issues and if anybody is experiencing breathing difficulties it is advisable that they get medical help immediately.

Living with gluten intolerance has become a lot easier over the years as shops and restaurants now sell gluten-free products that have made life simpler.

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