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Why Okra Is Good For You?

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Commonly called as Lady’s finger or bhindi, Okra is an all healthy vegie that is packed with beneficial nutrients. The tender pod which contains okra seeds can be cooked in many different ways making it not just healthy but yummy as well.

Here are the benefits of Okra which you probably never knew:

  • Packed with vital nutrients like protein, calcium, fibre and iron, it is an economical yet healthy food that provides the body with daily nutrient requirements.
  • Being loaded with soluble fibres, it is makes for a great weight loss friendly diet food as these fibres keep you feeling fuller for longer thus helping you with your calorie intake control.
  • Glycogen is an important body fuel reserve that keeps you going. Loaded with antioxidant phenols and flavonoids that promote glycogen storage in the liver, Okra prevents you from tiring easily.
  • This fatigue delaying property helps individuals battling depression as well.
  • Okra is a saviour for diabetic patients as it helps lower blood glucose levels. It increases the body’s insulin sensitivity and inhibits enzymes that breakdown carbs which means lowered sugar levels.
  • Lady’s finger is good for curbing cholesterol levels as it inhibits the production of fat in the body. It promotes bile excretion and reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels thus protecting the body from heart related problems like atherosclerosis.
  • Okra is loaded with Vitamin K, a nutrient that strengthens your bones and one that promotes blood clotting. This means prevention of osteoporosis, fractures and excessive bleeding when an injury occurs.
  • Containing good amounts of Vitamin A, Okra supports good eye health and boosts immunity as it promotes WBC production.
  • Study shows that okra stimulates cell suicide of breast cancer cells thus protecting many women and increasing cancer fighting abilities.
  • Okra also prevents gastritis as its juice binds free bacteria to the gut preventing infection of the stomach lining that causes inflammation and gastritis.
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