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Yoga During Pregnancy

Simarouba Yoga and Naturopathy Clinic

Simarouba Yoga and Naturopathy Clinic

  Thippasandra, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   1 min     


Prenatal yoga is now a popular choice amongst pregnant women because of the positive impact it has on their health.

Yoga is an ideal way for to be mothers to stay in shape especially when coupled with some cardio like walking.

Practicing gentle yoga improves circulation and keeps muscles toned.

Yoga is also hugely beneficial because of its ability to help you relax and take deep breaths. Labor and motherhood can be quite stressful and yoga can help you ease the process because the primary thing they teach you is breathing technique.

Regular practice preps you for childbirth and prevents you from tightening up and staying calm during the entire process and helps you endure the pain. It relaxes the cervix and opens up the pelvic region to smoothen the delivery process.

Study also shows that dedicated practice ensures you do not face any complications during pregnancy and the child has a problem free and healthy birth.

In addition to this, it helps you reduce common pregnancy vows like morning sickness and painful cramps. Also, yoga practice ensures quick recovery post-delivery.

What aasanas to practice?

 During the initial stages, you can practice standing positions to strengthen your legs and enhance circulation. This will also reduce chances of cramps.

When you move into your second and third trimesters, resort to breathing exercises and meditation. This will make sure you don’t get too tired.

With that being said, don’t push yourself too much and only practice what your body can withstand and is comfortable with without exerting yourself.

Poses that stretch or put pressure on the abdominal muscles need to be avoided. If there's any complication in pregnancy a doctor's advice is necessary before incorporating yoga practice.

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