04 Jul

Tips For Preventing Heart Disease

          Any disease related to heart is a debilitating condition. This is being one of the leading causes of today’s death. There are certain risk factors that make individuals to have these heart diseases. We can categorize these risk factors into two such as modifiable that you can control and non-modifiable as that you cannot control. For any factor we have good and bad side. The good news is that your heart health can be influenced by your choice of lifestyle such as eating in a healthy way, smoking cessation, blood pressure, exercise, diabetes and stress. By having a look on these you could greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.


1. Quit Smoking

Quit smoking is one of the most critical step that one should take in order to lower the heart disease risk. This is one of the major risk factor for heart diseases like heart attack, stroke and coronary heart disease. The arteries will be filled with a fatty deposit or may be called as plaque that will make your arteries to harden. And this condition can be called as atherosclerosis. Smoking will reduce the good cholesterol amount and will raise the blood pressure that causes stress on the arteries.

In certain places smoking reduction programs have been conducted. Studies say that in those places there is a decrease of hospitalizations in case of heart disease. You can see the changes and effects that happen due to quitting smoking very soon. You will find your blood pressure will decrease than before, you will have increased blood circulation and also your oxygen supply will also increase. You will find that your energy level will boost up and you can make out your exercise easier.

2. Nutrition and diet

Proper nutrition and diet is very important and plays major role to prevent the heart disease. It is found that while keeping a diet of raw fruits, omega 3 fatty acids, vegetables and whole grains there is less chance for heart disease. For a healthy diet you need to limit or avoid certain kind of foods that will cause and worsen the heart disease. The foods that is high in salt and sugar, alcohol, and other foods that are with hydrogenated vegetable oil.

3. Managing Diabetes

Diabetes can be mentioned as one of the killing factor for heart disease. When diabetes is left untreated there can be harmful effects on our body that leads to stroke, artery disease and more. It is wise to manage the condition for not getting heart disease if you are suffering from diabetes. You may need regular checkups with your doctor as prevention and so having healthy diet and exercise along with it. You can also manage diabetes with medications like yoga in some cases.

4. Manage Stress

Stress is also an important issue in making your heart in worse condition. It affects in different ways. It can cause sleeplessness, headaches, pain, and tiredness also. Chronic stress will make your heart work hard. If at all you have any other heart disease, this stress is pretty much enough to worsen the condition. You may spend more time with your friends and family and let go off the worries so that it may contribute much healthier and relaxed and calm lifestyle for you.


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