19 Jul

Meditation and emotional well being

What is meditation? 

If stress makes you anxious, tense and worried, opt out meditation. Spending a few minutes in meditation will restore you a stress free mind and inner peace. It is a simple and least expensive way and do not require any kind of special equipment and can be practiced by people of any age groups. You can practice it where ever you are, it can be when you are on a walk or while waiting for someone or riding the bus or even it is possible while you are in your business meetings.

 This has been performed and practiced several thousands of years ago. Meditation is originally meant and practiced to know more deeply about the holy and mystical forces in life. In the present era we meditate for the reduction of stress and for relaxation. While in meditation we will be driven to a state of deep relaxation and thus acquire a peaceful mind. You will eliminate the jumbled and disrupted thoughts in you by focusing your attention. The result will be better emotional and physical well being.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation offer you a peace of mind, and balance which will help you in stabilizing mental, emotional well being and helps in keeping you healthy. This does not give up when your meditation session ends. It will help to improve your day and the medical condition.

The main emotional benefits of meditation are

  • Gain of Self awareness
  • Focusing on present life
  • Reduces the negative thoughts and emotions
  • Will build skills that will manage your stress

Meditation and illness

If you are suffering from any medical condition that is worsened by the factor stress then meditation is the number one choice to get it reduced. Some researchers do not believe its possibility of the benefits of meditation in case of health while the growing scientific researchers do support it. The following conditions can be cured to an extent with the help of meditation.

  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Heart disease
  • Sleeplessness
  • Blood Pressure

If you suffer from any of these symptoms do talk to your medical practitioner regarding the pros and cons of meditation. In rare cases meditation can also worse the symptoms of some physical and mental fitness. As this is just an addition to the main treatment this cannot be considered as the replacement for the medical treatment.


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