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Dry Mouth

      Dry mouth also called as cotton mouth is a condition where you will not have enough saliva in your mouth due to dehydration, medication, infection or due to any obstruction. You may have difficulty to talk, eat, swallow, or taste food. This condition can be temporary or even chronic with some heavy healthy risks. If you are suffering from dry mouth there are chances for dental decay, or any other diseases like gum disease or any infection.

dry-mouth -symptoms

Symptoms of dry mouth include
Dry and sticky feeling inside the mouth
Dry feeling of throat
Feel of thirsty
Tongue will be dry, raw and red.
Presence of sores in mouth.
Skin will be split at the mouth corner with cracked lips.
Bad breadth
Difficulty in chewing, speaking and swallowing.
Burning feeling in the mouth especially on your tongue.
Dry mouth Causes
The main causes for dry mouth are the following
1. Aging
It is not necessary that this will cause dry mouth problem. But there are chances for older people to get the problems due to their other health conditions.
2. Nerve Damage
When you have an injury or even if you are done with a surgery, it leads to nerve damage in your neck and head part and this can cause dry mouth.
3. Cancer therapy
The drugs used for chemotherapy might change the saliva nature and the produced quantity. This is temporary and happens when the treatment is completed. The salivary glands may get damaged with the radiation into your neck and portion of head. This causes reduction in saliva production. Depending on the dosage of radiation this may be either permanent or can be temporary.
4. Tobacco use
This is another cause for causing dry mouth. Smoking and the use of other tobacco products will reduce the saliva and cause dry mouth.

Prevention and Cure

1. Sipping water or drinks that are sugar free
2. Suck ice chips the whole day that will moisten your mouth.
3. Use sugar free chewing gum
4. Breathing through nose
5. Adding moisture at night to air
6. Try other counter substitutes of saliva.
7. Moistening lips
8. Brush using toothpaste that contains fluoride
9. Avoid using alcohol or tobacco
10. Consult with your dentist in regular basis.

There is a common myth for dry mouth that it occurs naturally while aging and you have to cope up with it. But the fact is that, it is not due to aging process wholesome and it is very essential to find out the main cause for dry mouth so that you can cure it according to the cause.


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