26 Jul

Men’s Infertility: Are we sweeping it under the carpet?

               The impact of the patriarchal structure that our society so vehemently defends has much more drastic consequences than what meets the eye. In India, childlessness in any married couple is easily assumed as being a woman’s fault. They are declared infertile without the couple even going through any medical examination. As the woman involved bears the brunt for failing to conceive a baby, she undergoes emotional trauma and severe depression facing the tirade of the entire family. Moreover, based on the self-proclaimed fact, the man obtains the divine right to marry another woman, who, subsequently, fails to conceive either. By the time one realises that the cause of childlessness is due to male infertility, two women have already fallen prey to the hideous social structure. Crushed underneath the apathy of society over the raging issue, lies a screaming question, “why is there a deafening silence over male infertility in India?”

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19 Jul

Meditation and emotional well being

What is meditation? 

If stress makes you anxious, tense and worried, opt out meditation. Spending a few minutes in meditation will restore you a stress free mind and inner peace. It is a simple and least expensive way and do not require any kind of special equipment and can be practiced by people of any age groups. You can practice it where ever you are, it can be when you are on a walk or while waiting for someone or riding the bus or even it is possible while you are in your business meetings.

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04 Jul

Tips For Preventing Heart Disease

          Any disease related to heart is a debilitating condition. This is being one of the leading causes of today’s death. There are certain risk factors that make individuals to have these heart diseases. We can categorize these risk factors into two such as modifiable that you can control and non-modifiable as that you cannot control. For any factor we have good and bad side. The good news is that your heart health can be influenced by your choice of lifestyle such as eating in a healthy way, smoking cessation, blood pressure, exercise, diabetes and stress. By having a look on these you could greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.


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04 Jul

Tips For Healthy Skin

Skin Care

Now a day there is no time for intensive skin care. It is a daily routine process, where your skin will be either too moist or there can be chance that your skin is dry. So preventing these issues is much important. Going with good healthy lifestyle and skin care will help in delaying the natural process of aging and also prevents the skin diseases.


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20 Jun

Spotlight On Men’s Health

The contribution, sacrifices and the progress made by men to the society is indeed commendable.If you thought health is just another word, think again. A healthy man paves way to a happy family. Medikoe cares for your health and wishes that you stay healthy always. Know the health facts , preventive measures to common problems and the exclusive offers Medikoe has in store for you!

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15 Jun

Dry Mouth

      Dry mouth also called as cotton mouth is a condition where you will not have enough saliva in your mouth due to dehydration, medication, infection or due to any obstruction. You may have difficulty to talk, eat, swallow, or taste food. This condition can be temporary or even chronic with some heavy healthy risks. If you are suffering from dry mouth there are chances for dental decay, or any other diseases like gum disease or any infection.

dry-mouth -symptoms

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08 Jun

Say NO To Yellows And YES To A Beautiful Smile!

        Yellow teeth are definitely not the one which anyone would want to flaunt! But more often than not owing to our busy schedules one is left with little time to paying heed to this not so commonly heeded teeth disaster. Know the causes, facts and preventive measures of tooth discoloration. Your teeth deserve more care than you thought it does. A beautiful smile is an asset isn’t it? Own one with right teeth care !


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06 Jun

Spread Cancer Awareness – Let’s Do Our Bit

It’s one of the diseases dreaded by many. It is also one of the diseases which needs good awareness. With the necessary steps taken at the right time it can be prevented as well. You’ve guess it right. We are talking about cancer! Know what cancer is all about, its types, causes and preventive measures. Let’s do our bit in spreading awareness by sharing this message.

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06 Jun

Learn about Gum disease

            Gum disease is an inflammation and infection of the tissues that support and surrounds your teeth. The gum inflammation may progress and it can affect the bones surrounding it. This is due to the bacteria in plaque, a colorless, sticky film which forms in your teeth constantly. This is the major cause of tooth loss especially in adults. Since it is not painful you may not know its appearance. This disease is also referred as periodontal disease. It has to be removed by brushing and flossing daily since the plaque that builds and the bacteria that build up affect not only the tissues and gums, but also eventually the bones and the gum tissues supporting the teeth which will make your dentist to remove the teeth.

gum disease

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01 Jun

En Route To The Root Canal

Root canal is often dreaded by many as it is perceived to be a painful treatment which can cause illness. One more often than not prefers to avoid it or look for alternatives. While the myths may vary from individual to individual the facts are actually contrary to the so called myths. Know the overview of what a root canal is all about and the truth about the commonly perceived myths!

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal or RCT is a treatment of repairing and saving of a tooth which is decayed and infected very badly. The inside of the tooth is being cleaned also sealed and the pulp and the nerves within the tooth are removed in a root canal procedure. The root canal term describes the natural cavity that is located in the center of the tooth. There will be a soft area along the root canal called as pulp chamber or pulp. The nerve of the teeth lies within this root canal. Without proper treatment, the tissue that surrounds the tooth will get infected and there will be formation of abscesses. Continue reading “En Route To The Root Canal” »