22 Mar

World Head Injury Awareness Day 2016

Life is precious to one and all. The brain being the important part that controls life, it is essential that one takes adequate measures to prevent it from being injured.Let’s know the facts and preventive measures that can help avoid brain injury.

10 Mar

World Kidney Day

With kidney diseases affecting millions worldwide, the least we can do is to spread awareness on the role kidneys can play to benefit our health and how the right care can prevent us from being susceptible to the disease. Let’s do our bit and share this info with all our loved ones!

23 Feb


Are you a Foodie? If yes you are in for an amazing treat of information. And if you are a non-foodie then this would definitely make you one as it benefits your overall well being. The 1st category deals with skin. Know how the right food can promise you a healthy skin! Keep watching this space for more categories to follow.

15 Feb

Take Charge: Tips To Keep Blood Pressure Under Control

Hectic life, junk food and a lot of stress – summarizes our modern day life pretty well isn’t it? All of the above factors can lead to high blood pressure before you realize. Other major causes of being struck by elevated blood pressure include old age and hereditary disorder. Now the choice is yours – You may ignore it and make your heart prone to risks, or else you may take charge of a good health today and act NOW!

Some Tips To Naturally Control Your Blood Pressure: Continue reading “Take Charge: Tips To Keep Blood Pressure Under Control” »

09 Feb

Reasons Why Smart People Should Opt For Regular Health Check-Ups

Time for a reality check! It’s your health, and now it’s high time to take charge of it. There must have been endless excuses you have given yourself to avoid visiting a doctor for a health check-up. We are in a state of constant denial and there is an irrational voice inside our head that keeps saying, “There is nothing wrong with me, I am fit and fine.” We hope that it’s true, but can you be 100% sure? Wouldn’t you want to eradicate a disease from your body at its very inception?

Health experts recommend a regular health examination for all, for a longer and healthier life.

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04 Feb

Ten years through your Forties. Live them healthy enough!

Healthy at 40! Sounds too good to be true?

Well, anything is possible provided an effort to do so is taken! Make your forties worth living to yourself and to your loved ones. Know the preventive healthcare measures to be taken in 40’s for a healthy living!

03 Feb

Make Healthy choices leading towards a healthier lifestyle in your 30’s

Have you just celebrated your 30th birthday? It’s time you gift yourself a healthy decade to follow. Know the preventive health care measures for the age group of 30’s that need to be considered for good health and wellness

02 Feb

Tips To Comfort The Mother-To-Be Until She Reaches The Hospital

Bringing a new life into the world is one of the most noble and celebrated events. At the same time it is extremely crucial for the mother as well as her family and friends. The would-be mother is very vulnerable, especially while expecting or during a labor pain. She craves for ample emotional and some strategic physical support.

Here are some tips that you need to follow if you are in-charge of an expecting mother while she is on the verge of her labor: Continue reading “Tips To Comfort The Mother-To-Be Until She Reaches The Hospital” »

15 Jan

Prevention is the key to longevity whether a 20 or at 65

If you thought age is more of a number when it comes to healthcare then think again! Good care needs to be given to health be it any age. Know the risks and preventive measures in health care for the age group of 20’s gender wise. Prevention is way better than cure.Watch this space for more age groups to follow.