25 Nov

Know Diabetes – Spread Awareness

Diabetes as a disease is posing a serious warning to the health sector as a whole. Awareness of diabetes is the corner stone of diabetes management & prevention. Know diabetes and spread awareness. Prevention is way better than cure..Isn’t it?


14 Nov

Festive Season = Goodbye to Healthy Eating Habits?

The laddus immersed in pure ghee and barfis stuffed with dry fruits have definitely lured you away from your healthy diet this festive season, isn’t it? An extra serving of biriyani or a bigger piece of mutton for your family might be your way of expressing your love towards them during the happy times. But, are you genuinely doing them or yourself any good?

Do you really think that there’s no way in which you can have a gala time this festive season without leaving a long-term scar on your health? If yes, then let’s break the myth today.

Some Simple and Effective Tips To Eat Healthy This Festive Season:

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13 Nov

Minor Habits, Major Changes

Minor Habits, Major Changes

You might get so much lost in your daily routine life, not even bother about what’s happening inside your body at that very moment until your body fire the alarm for emergency by itself.
It’s better to take one step every day than running in one single shot. Making your lifestyle healthier and stress free is in your own hands. If you really don’t want to hustle yourself into grave without accomplishing the actual goals of your life, then take a step ahead. Continue reading “Minor Habits, Major Changes” »

05 Nov

Complementary therapies for neck pain

Rear view of a young man holding her neck in pain, isolated on white background, monochrome photo with red as a symbol for the hardening

Perhaps this escaped you, but your neck is an amazing thing. At the very top, it houses a rock-hard cage — the cervical vertebrae —that contains and protects the top of the spinal cord, connecting your brain to the rest of your body. Despite this, the neck is fully mobile, allowing you to turn, bend, and nod your head. Then there are the blood vessels, the esophagus, the windpipe, and the thyroid (among other structures). And, of course, day in and day out, your neck carries around the equivalent of a bowling ball — your 11-pound skull and its contents. No wonder, then, that sometimes the neck gets sore.

Neck pain matters

For many people with neck pain, it’s much more than just a “pain in the neck.” It’s a leading cause of doctor’s visits and disability. Improvement can be slow. In many cases, there is no single treatment that is uniformly successful. Chronic (long-lasting) neck pain is an agonizing condition for millions of people worldwide. Continue reading “Complementary therapies for neck pain” »