04 Jul

Tips For Healthy Skin

Skin Care

Now a day there is no time for intensive skin care. It is a daily routine process, where your skin will be either too moist or there can be chance that your skin is dry. So preventing these issues is much important. Going with good healthy lifestyle and skin care will help in delaying the natural process of aging and also prevents the skin diseases.


1. Protection from Sun Rays

Protection of your skin from sun is one of the most important ways to take care of skin. Exposure to sun may cause wrinkles, aging spots and skin problems which include the skin cancer also.

You may do the following for protecting your skin from sun.

  • Use sunscreen: It is recommended to go for broad spectrum sunscreen that has a SPF of at least 15. You may apply it generously and then can reapply in every two hours.
  • Seek shade: Try to avoid the sun between the times 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where the rays are the strongest.
  • Full covering the body: Care your skin by covering the skin by wearing tightly woven shirts that are long enough with long pants. You can also go with laundry additives that provide you with extra ultraviolet protection or some sun rays protective clothes that are designed to protect from these ultraviolet rays.

2. Quit Smoking

Your skin will look older and the presence of wrinkles will also appear due to smoking. It also narrows the small blood vessels in the outer parts of the skin and decreases flow of blood. There can thus be reduction of oxygen and nutrients that are very much important for a healthy skin.

Smoking will damage the elastin and the collagen fibers that are important to give elasticity and strength to the skin. The facial expressions that you make while smoking such as creasing the lips when you inhale and blinking of eyes to keep the smoke away will contribute to wrinkles. The best way to protect your skin when you are smoking is to quit smoking. You can seek a doctor’s help to quit smoking.

3. Eat Healthy

When you follow a healthy diet you will feel and look the best. You are suggested to have plenty of vegetables, fruits followed by whole grains and also lean proteins. It will be best if you have a diet that is rich in vitamin C and very low fats that are unhealthy will provide you with younger skin.

4. Treating skin gently

  • Long showers and bath with hot water will remove the oil in your skin. It will be fine if you use the shower or bath time also using warm water rather using hot water.
  • Avoid using strong soaps and also strong detergents that will strike out the oil in your skin and choose mild cleansers instead of that.
  • Try out for a moisturizer which fits your skin type if your skin is dry. Use a moisturizer that contains SPF if using it daily.
  • Pat or blot the skin dry gently using a towel after having a wash or shower so that there will be moisture remaining in your skin.


Maggie says:

I had no idea that eating healthy would have such a huge impact on your skin! All my life, I’ve had problems with acne and rough skin, but I never thought eating healthier could change that. Although I eat fruits and vegetables, I could definitely eat more. I’ll start doing that and see if there’s an improvement.

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