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En Route To The Root Canal

Root canal is often dreaded by many as it is perceived to be a painful treatment which can cause illness. One more often than not prefers to avoid it or look for alternatives. While the myths may vary from individual to individual the facts are actually contrary to the so called myths. Know the overview of what a root canal is all about and the truth about the commonly perceived myths!

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal or RCT is a treatment of repairing and saving of a tooth which is decayed and infected very badly. The inside of the tooth is being cleaned also sealed and the pulp and the nerves within the tooth are removed in a root canal procedure. The root canal term describes the natural cavity that is located in the center of the tooth. There will be a soft area along the root canal called as pulp chamber or pulp. The nerve of the teeth lies within this root canal. Without proper treatment, the tissue that surrounds the tooth will get infected and there will be formation of abscesses.


  1. Pain
  2. Jaw appears reddish (affected one specifically)
  3. Tooth swelling
  4. Sensitivity

How it happens

Whenever a foreign substance finds a way into your tooth, an infection in the form of pulp is formed. Usually foreign particles enter the tooth sue to the dreaded tooth decay that you suffer. These particles also come within our body, in certain cases like the dead tissues finding a way to the tooth center or below the tooth. In certain cases these dead tissues may not be eliminated by our body or may not be properly dealt those results in the purification around and within our tooth. Thus by creating an infection our body will try to remove these toxic substances.

Preventive Measures

  1. Remove the left food within your mouth by flossing.
  2. Brushing properly is effective and primary way to prevent the root canal infection.
  3. Limiting the intake of soft drinks as your teeth is sensitive, and decay than normal time.
  4. Use of proper mouth gargle for rinsing after the meal.
  5. Avoid taking many sweets to get rid from tooth decay.

cure (1)

How to cure a root canal

  1. Eat food that contains high protein and avoid white rice as it is not good while having tooth decay.
  2. Eliminating the processed sugar.
  3. Eat lot of high yellow butter, raw butter is preferred more.
  4. Drinking of certified raw milk from animals those are pasture rose.
  5. Avoid the flour and flour products strictly for temporary.



Many misconceptions arise for the root canal or endodontic treatment. You always try to get as much as information before performing any medical procedure and same in this case also. The following are three of the myths that you may have in case of a root canal.

Myth 1: Treatment of Root canal is painful

This perception has begun some decades ago but actually it do not cause pain, it relieves our tooth pain. One of the recent surveys shows that the patient who has undergone the root canal describes it as “painless” than those who did not undergo this procedure.

Myth 2: The treatment causes illness

People find these while searching internet and there are some websites those give false statement like this and confuse everyone claiming that root canal treatment contribute occurrence of illness and other body disease. This is based on the poorly designed and performed research that was nearly 1 century ago.

Myth 3: Extraction of teeth is a good alternative to this treatment.

The truth is it is better to save the natural teeth as much as possible. Nothing will completely replace your original tooth. Some foods have to be avoided if we have an artificial tooth. Keeping your natural tooth is the best way that you can enjoy having wide variety of foods in order to maintain sufficient and proper nutrients and balance your diet.



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